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Welcome to Ideal Chiropractic Health Center located in Dubuque, IA. At Ideal Chiropractic Health Center the priority is to empower you, the patient, with the information necessary to better understand your problem that may be causing your pain allowing you, the patient, take control of your own health. Before the explanation of how our Dubuque chiropractors determine your problem, there is some groundwork to be laid to better understand the premise of the entire center... the proverbial lens that the doctors uniquely look through with each patient who is seen.

You may be thinking, well I already know I have control of my health. When I’m sick, I go to the doctor and he/she gives me what I need to “feel better, the doctor fixes me. This definition of health places the sole responsibility of your health on the doctor. Who’s responsible for your health? Is it your mom or dad, your medical physician, the company you work for, your health insurance? The answer is; none of the above!

Interestingly enough, when asked, “what is your definition of health?”  It’s more often than not that patients respond with “feeling better” or “just having no pain.” Although this is a common answer or belief, it’s not 100% correct. Health is much more than just “feeling better.”






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At Ideal Chiropractic Health Center in Dubuque IA, a different definition of health is understood. Remember, at Ideal Chiropractic Health Center in Dubuque, IA its the doctors job to empower you, the patient, with the information necessary to better understand your problem that may be causing your pain allowing you to take a higher level of control over your own health.

Health is defined as having a completely functional nervous system. Once you know that, then and only then, can you begin to understand the process of how to take control of your health and perhaps regain your health. This definition alone, can give hope and infuse truth to the thought of continuing to gain health as you age rather than thinking you’ll deteriorate as you age leaving you feeling as if you can only to wait for disease to “randomly” strike.

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Consider what motivates people; there are three great motivators in the human race; 1. Pain 2. Power and 3. Money. Which of the three do you think is the greatest motivator?  Pain is the greatest motivator of all.


When you schedule your first appointment at Ideal Chiropractic Health Center in Dubuque, IA you will first go through a special consultation, a simple conversation with the doctor to review your health history. During this consultation, often times it is indeed discovered how much your pain or your health symptoms are negatively impacting 4 critical areas of your life including: 1- work 2- relationships with those you love and those who love you, 3- your hobbies, 4-recreational activities. It may come to your surprise how much those 4 specific areas of your life are negatively impacted and often times, it’s one area more than the others that is affected most.


At Ideal Chiropractic Health Center in Dubuque, IA there are two different choices of care you may be presented with when choosing your care. Patch care is one choice of care and it last 5 weeks. This type of care is designed to try and decrease your pain which is probably the great motivator that brought you in for care. Remember, pain is more powerful than money or power when it comes to motivating people. Some people chose patch care and are taught that patch care is temporary pain relief at best. Fix or as near normal as possible care is the other choice of care.


In most instances patients seek care at Ideal Chiropractic Health Center because they have some sort of pain/symptom. Those who choose patch care often realize they need to come back again and again for multiple sessions of patch care because their spinal problem can never be addressed in such a short period of time. Most patients choose fix or as near normal as possible care because they're looking into the future attempting to improve their spinal problems and their health so that they are capable of doing the things they want to do in life and need to do in life instead of just "living the moment" day-to-day.