Dubuque Chiropractor Shares How A Desk Job Is Impacting Your Health

Dubuque Chiropractor Shares How A Desk Job Is Impacting Your Health

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In theory, a desk gig is cushy and physically undemanding, certainly when held up against jobs involving manual labor, heavy lifting or extended periods of standing. In reality, though, a growing number of studies now show that prolonged periods of inactivity, including sitting, can be detrimental to overall health and physical well-being.

Sitting seems benign enough. No impact. No exertion. No risk of breaking a sweat, let alone breaking a bone. But a sedentary lifestyle can take its toll in previously unforeseen ways, resulting in the kinds of aches and pains that cry out for the skilled hands of a chiropractor. That's where our Dubuque chiropractic team comes in.

Impacts On Your Health in Dubuque IA

Neck-Related Issues
Persistent bending of the neck to glance at your keyboard and computer screen can take a toll on the cervical vertebrae, the bones that allow your spine to have composition and support.

When the neck is prevented from settling into its natural position, you run the risk of straining the cervical vertebrae, leading to pain and stiffness. Adjusting your computer so that it’s at eye level is an easy precautionary measure to avoid nagging neck strains. However, if it’s already too late, a chiropractor is the person to contact. By performing adjustments, the chiropractor will help restore proper joint mobility and muscle function to their normal calibrations, while easing any discomfort you’re experiencing.

Back-Related Issues
Although it’s inevitable that your spine will experience periods of pressure throughout the day, there are ways to reduce it and avoid an injury.

Sitting results in more pressure to the back, particularly the lower area, than standing does, especially if most of your time in a chair is spent hunching or slouching over a computer screen. Your back contains discs that are designed to move when you do. However, if you’re sitting regularly—and for long stretches of time—these discs can become compacted. Compression of the discs leads to inflexibility or, even worse, herniation. Aside from disc problems, sitting for too long can simply cause back discomfort, the likes of which can spoil a day and a mood. Fortunately, chiropractors are trained to quiet barking muscles and discs with meticulous manipulations of the spine.

Hip-Related Issues
Not unlike the rest of the body, when there is limited movement, your hips are in danger of becoming tense and tight.

Sitting plays a key factor in whether or not your hips will be soft and supple throughout a day and a lifetime. While at rest, our hips are rarely being stimulated or extended, which could lead to a lack of mobility and flexibility over time. Your chiropractor, though, is expertly trained to unlock the pressure points invading the hips. When seeing a chiropractor for hip pain, you’ll work together on a plan that best fits your specific needs. By stretching, massaging and delicately manipulating tissues and muscles, chiropractic care can return your hips to that time before prolonged sitting caused so much tension.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Our arms house many nerves that travel down to the palms of our hands. And when those nerves become compressed, a numbness or tingling in the palm and wrist could ensue.

A desk job increases the likelihood of experiencing this pain to the extremities, commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s caused by repetitive motions in the office, such as typing on a keyboard all day. Taking adequate breaks time in between tasks, as well as moving and stretching routinely, can serve as preventative measures for this bothersome condition. If you’ve already begun to experience the warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, your chiropractor can assist you by alleviating the discomfort. They’ve been trained to treat carpal tunnel syndrome in a way that not only dials down pain but could also prevent the need for costly and risky surgery.

We Can Help You!

Despite conventional wisdom, you don’t have to be wielding a sledgehammer to suffer injuries on the job. Sitting at a desk from 9-5 could very well be the underlying source of your soreness, from your neck and your shoulders to the tips of your fingers and toes. And while feeling anything less than your best can certainly be frustrating, chiropractors for generations have used their healing hands to locate trigger points and address them with subtle adjustments and subluxations.

Is sitting all day making you feel stiffer than your keyboard? If spending too much time on the phone or in front of a computer screen is causing nagging pain, address it today by calling the proven healers at Ideal Chiropractic Health Center. Our expert doctors in Dubuque, IA will quickly diagnose the source of your aches, treat it and get you back to the office feeling like an entirely new person.

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